Hero of Justice
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I'm Kiyumi, and I like drawing, dabbling in new computer programs, reading, and roleplaying. My main fandoms are RPGMaker games and Madoka Magica, but I post a lot of other things as well. I've recently started designing themes. This one is my own invention.
Hero of Justice
Hero of Justice
Hero of Justice

Goodnight, everyone! :)


I think I will try. :D

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omg, press play. wait for the beat to drop. 

this is just lovely

This was a pleasant surprise.


these frames are so pretty

what if I painted some of them?


look i wanna be straight up w/ you guys if you ever wanna just come to my askbox and headcanon-jam or talk about characters or something idk like you should just do it we dont already have to be friends or anything


Angelic Pretty Romantic Rose Letter (pink,sax,ice mint,Lavender) op & bonnet set 59850円

I’m about to get offline for a while; I’ll answer things later!

I’m so proud of the organza ruffle in the front. I’m so proud of it. It’s transparent and shiny and I tried really hard to make it perfect. ^u^

A paintover of Sunako Kirishiki for jinr0u! Please click here for high-resolution!


I love the idea of Homura and Sayaka. Not in a romantic way (whoops they hate each other) but like as intense rivals. (poor Sayaka would probably get her ass kicked though)